Q. Why did Telex reform?
A. Telex has not reformed. We never split up. We simply stopped making new records in 1986, with the exception of some remixes and compilations. Didn’t you ever just not want to do something for a while?
Q. So what have you been doing these past 20 years?
A. Dan was busy as a sound engineer and producer. He’s the one behind the Deep Forest adventure, the worldwide success in world music. He developed the legendary Synsound facilities, 3 studios including one that has just about every synthesizer ever known to man (or Dan). Michel was busy with graphic design and photography (exhibitions, communication, advertising).  Marc did some radio, wrote some plays and opinion pieces, and made records as a producer and composer, first with other artists, and since 2001, under his own name. And the three of us even did a handful of Telex tracks, just to keep in practice.
Q. So, 25 years later, how do you consider your participation in the Eurovision Song Contest?
A. Are you sure Telex took part in the Eurovision? Can you prove it?
Q. And live performances?
A. You’re asking me?
Q. What do you think of today’s music?
A. It often accompanies the videos quite well.
Q. How do you see the development of Telex today?
A. Today, everything starts with a marketing plan, a choice of designer, video directors and remixers. We prefer to start with the music.
Q. You are recognised as a major influence in dance music (house, techno) and electronic pop since the 80s.
A. If everyone says so, it must be true.
Q. Whathas changed the most in 20 years?
A. Computers. 20 years ago we had computers in the studios. Now we have studios in the computers.
Q. Why release an album with new songs?
A. They are not new songs.
Q. Why release an album with old songs?
A. They are not old songs.
Q. What type of songs are they, then?
A. They are new old songs. Some were recorded in 1980 and were never released. Primarily because we were playing lots of covers, and had already used a lot on the released albums. We feel the unreleased tracks are no less interesting than those that came out at the time. There are five covers on this album. Some had been recorded but not mixed. Others were only partly recorded, and we finished them. Others are new.